Search Engine Marketing


Our PPC management packages are designed to help your business grow by maximizing the return on money spent on Internet advertising. Pay-per-click campaigns, whether its Google Adwords – Bing ads – Facebook or Twitter ads can generate immediate targeted traffic to your site, which is what you need to find more customers and make more sales.

Our PPC management services are tailored to your needs and adapted to your business goals. Our goal is simple yet very specific: to make you more money.



Whether you’re looking for brand exposure, lead generation or marketing exposure, Tanushh Digital’s Google Ads Management Services experts can help you meet all your goals. A thought-provoking and reputable Google advertising campaign can drive traffic to your website and help you generate more potential customers, more sales and more traffic – all for a fraction of the cost of a less targeted campaign!

By researching the most popular keywords in your demographics, we are targeting the most willing to buy your service or product. As we learn more about your brand, we refine every part of your customized strategy to let customers reach you over your competitors.

So if you are looking for professional PPC services and are interested in a google advertising campaign, contact Tanushh Digital today.

PPC services offered

We offer a wide range of custom PPC services, including:

  • Set up new accounts (on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter)
  • Google Search and Display Networks
  • Google Shopping campaigns
  • Bing Search campaigns
  • Bing Shopping Promotions
  • Setting and handling of scrolling
  • Keywords Research
  • Other creation (both text and multimedia ads)
  • Dynamic product campaigns (Facebook)
  • Remarketing campaigns (all networks)
  • Landing Page Optimization Recommendations
  • Setting conversion tracking
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Demographic targeting

Depending on your requirements and number of campaigns, we may charge a low installation fee (once-off) and then a monthly administrative fee based on advertising expenses.

Our prices are competitive and the lowest you can find on the market. Over the years we have succeeded in having our own method and defined processes and this means that we can keep costs low and affordable.