Email Marketing


Market success is due to building a goal-oriented sequence that can be nurtured at all stages of the customer journey. Our team is trained to segment and manage listings, develop personalized content, run automated email campaigns, provide insight into performance and proactively engage audiences.



Email Marketing is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing. However, as technology has become more powerful, the role of email marketing has evolved.

Promotional Email

Better results demand better email marketing. As a marketer, your prime need will be to ensure your email marketing strategies are paying off. With our email marketing strategy and target databases, you can easily send customized promotional emails to skyrocket your brand’s presence and boost your ROI.

Emailer Design

Be it a promotional email or a professional email – give your emails the best design. We design for every occasion and every announcement. Make your emails look classy to attract customers and grow your business.

Email Automation

Automating an email journey can never be easy. It requires a lot of thought process to sketch different scenarios, show multiple variations and finally decide on what to send and how to send. Let us help you set up the right funnels that directly hit your inbox every time you get a lead. Our service helps you nurture leads and bring back lost customers.

Service Offering:-

  • Industry-Specific Database Creation
  • 4 Newsletter Designs Per Month
  • 2000 Contacts with 10,000 Email Sends per Month
  • Newsletter Copywriting & Messaging
  • Link Tracking and Reporting